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Need a professional plumber?

Every home will eventually need a makeover. Your tastes change and so do the styles. You may have changed the style or color palette of your furnishings and want your kitchen and bathrooms to match. Your kitchen or bathroom fixtures may be worn and you want to update them. Whatever the reason, once you have decided to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, consult the Technical Intervention 24 team before deciding on a renovation plan.

Emergency Plumber is widely regarded in the Brighton Area as a leader in bathroom and kitchen design and trends and is a trusted source for finding aesthetic, functional and affordable appliances that fit your vision for your home. Whether you’re designing from photos or asking an interior designer for help, the team can help you ensure your home is a source of pride and brings you happiness.

A professional plumber can help you plan your remodel

While you might be thinking of furniture styles, color palettes, or tile backsplash patterns, it’s your plumbing system that’s at the heart of your remodel. If you are planning a major renovation and want to work the plumbing around your project, you need an emergency plumber, even more, to provide an accurate estimate of the hidden cost of your project – the necessary plumbing revisions to make the project work.

A professional plumber can broaden your vision

Need a professional plumber?
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Plumber Brighton has close ties to the plumbing business, with access to cutting-edge styles and technologies at reasonable prices. You may have seen the styles you love at local home improvement stores or home decor magazines. The range of knowledge about what’s available is wider. More importantly, we know what will work for your budget and plumbing system. As we work with industry leaders in kitchen and bathroom appliances, we may be able to open the door to a range of options that are far better for your home and budget.

“No surprises” remodel

The repair of the plumbing system often accompanies the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. When replacing a tub or sink / cabinet combination, hidden plumbing problems can turn out – dry rot, rusty pipes, leaky joints, or situations that will soon lead to problems. Brighton’s Emergency Plumber’s plumbers are trained to identify these issues and deal with them.

In fact, during the initial inspection and consultation, Emergency Service will evaluate any necessary hydraulic repairs that should be carried out during the update. When the remodel is complete, you can simply enjoy your newly remodeled and updated kitchen or bathroom.

The inspections commonly include:

  • An inspection of water leaks
  • Water heater inspection and repair
  • Condition of the pipes in your system
  • Inspection of the sewer line
  • Inspection of the existing plumbing system for waste disposal, dishwashers, sinks, showers and tubs

In case your plumbing system has a weak link, you need to fix it. Who needs a new plumbing problem right after a good renovation? Getting your plumbing to specification during or before a remodel makes good economic sense. Why spend the time and expense of updating your home without facing plumbing issues? Call Brighton Plumber!

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