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How to fix a running toilet?

running toiletA running toilet can waste a lot of water, which leads to higher bills and environmental concerns. Fortunately, fixing a toilet that is not working can be easier than you think. With a basic understanding of how toilets work, you can easily fix this common household problem yourself. We’ll show you how to find and fix the most common reasons for a clogged toilet.

How your running toilet works

In order to fix your running toilet, you must first understand the operating process of your toilet. Here’s of how your toilet works.

Parts of your toilet

Your toilet has two main parts, the bowl that holds water and connects to the drain for water and waste. The tank is behind the bowl and has tools for flushing and storing water.

Flushing Process

The flush valve on your toilet releases water from the tank into the toilet bowl. This valve has a rubber stopper called a tank ball or flapper ball that is connected to the valve by a small chain. When you push the lever to flush, the flapper comes off.

Finding out what caused your running toilet.

Now that you know what parts of your toilet work and how they work, you can figure out why your toilet is running. If your toilet is always running, you need to check for leaks, check the chain, check the flapper, and check the water level in your tank. These are the most prevalent causes of an issue with a leaking toilet. Read on to learn out how to solve the problem.

Observe the Behavior

Make sure your toilet is running smoothly. Is the water continuously running into the bowl? Does it periodically refill even when it is not in use? Understanding the pattern can provide insight into the potential cause.

Inspect the Flapper

A flapper is a rubber or plastic valve that controls the flow of water into the bowl during flushing. Check if the flapper is sealing against the seat of the flush valve. 

Make sure the handle is clean.

Sometimes, if the toilet flush handle or trip lever is not working properly, it can keep running all the time. Make sure the handle moves freely and that the flush valve and flapper chain are connected properly.

Make sure the overflow tube is clean

Ensure that the overflow tube is not damaged or obstructed. If the water level in the tank is too high, it could overflow into the tube, causing the toilet to run continuously.

Inspect the Overflow Tube

Make sure that the overflow tube isn’t damaged or blocked. If the water level in the tanks is too high, it may cause the toilet to run continuously.

Do a leak test to check for leaks

You should conduct a leak test using the food coloring method mentioned earlier. Wait and see if the colored water appears in the bowl without flushing after adding a few drops of food coloring. This can help find leaks in the flapper, flush valve, or overflow tube.

If you’ve taken all of these steps and still haven’t found or fixed the problem with your running toilet, it’s time to call a toilet plumber. If you need help fixing your plumbing problems, contact Emergency Plumber Brighton and let us assist you!

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